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About the Course


A person’s world view is what they use to observe, understand and make sense of life. It is the lens through which we look to help us interpret what we see, hear, read. It is the basis of our everyday decisions and responses. It shapes how we engage with other people.

A Christian embraces a Biblical world view; one that is shaped by the truth of what God has said. However this needs to develop and grow. At the same time we need to understand other world views by asking the best questions, listening to wise counsel. Studying the flow of thought through the centuries that has shaped our world today.

After two years we are convinced that this is best done in company of others where we become a small community learning together and from each other. A place where we are not afraid to ask our questions or express ourselves.

The course meets over the September – June period for six Friday night / Saturdays

All our teaching is set in a world view structure considering

  • The Origins of the universe
  • The fall – why is life so broken
  • Redemption – answers to solve this
  • Restoration -The great purpose of all things

These subjects are studied through the titles Knowing Thinking Seeing Analysing Persuading and Engaging.

Our aim is to help you answer your own questions and those our society is asking.

In this way we hope you will grow in confidence and be better able to share your faith and enjoy the God you seek to know better.

Teaching Days

  • 19th October 2019
  • 16th November 2019
  • 14th December 2019
  • 18th January 2020
  • 22nd February 2020
  • 21st March 2020
  • 18th April 2020
  • 30th May 2020

The Course Includes Such Topics As:

  • The existence of God
  • Science and faith
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Interpreting Bible Truth
  • The Gospel from Genesis to Revelation
  • Christian Ethics in today’s world
  • Key Christian thinkers
  • Studying Contemporary Culture: TV, Film and the Arts
  • Answering doubters’ questions